Alyson Boyle & Danilo Tavarez

Aly is looking verrrry hot in this shoot! It was Christmas time so we had arranged on doing a christmas themed shoot with Nicola Hughes along with some other shots for the girls but we got side tracked with a random last minute idea on the day 🙂 We grabbed the Hair Stylist/Model and threw him in front of the camera for a shot with Aly and the result was this black and white photo of the pair of them!

Photographer on the day was Richie Buttle, Fashion Stylist was Gill Keogh Styling, and Hair Stylist was Danilo Tavarez.

This shot was taken on the same day as the white shots of Aly which can be viewed Here which also gives you info about the makeup prior to this end result, I removed the red lip from the previous shots and changed it to a nude lip and darkened up the eyes,applying eyeliner and more contouring, its important to change the makeup when shooting a Black and White shot and I love this image its definitely one of my favs! Alyson is also wearing Hotlox clip in hair extensions in this photo