SOSU AW15 collection launches!

The lovely Suzanne Jackson has added some gorgeous new colours to her SOSU nail polish collection and some of the shades are absolute favourites of mine already!

sosu polish aw collection colours

If you’re a follower of my Snapchat you’ll notice that I’ve been wearing SOSU polish since it launched back in May. Blue Skies was my favourite Summer shade, but now that we’re smack bang into Autumn and with the cold Winter months fast approaching – some deep Autumnal shades are in order. And just look at them!!

I find these polishes last just as long on my nails as my Louboutin polish, for a fraction of the price! I don’t ever really apply a base coat, and I only ever apply one coat of the SOSU polish, then a top coat and that’s what works for me. I find with any nail polish it really depends on the application and how you look after them.

Death by Chocolate that I’m wearing below is definitely a favourite, as is Nude Freak and Ladies Night!

sosu polish aw collection colours

Which are your favourites from the collection? They’re such a perfect addition to the collection! And I hear there’s a few more Christmas shades to be added, and some exclusive penneys shades too!

AJ sign off