Zara Leather Jacket with Pointed Hem

Zara Leather Jacket with Pointed Hem.jpg

JUST LOOK AT THIS JACKET!! Drool. I mentioned this Zara Leather Jacket in my Christmas Wishlist at the beginning of December because we all know how much I like the waterfall effect at the front of jackets, and my love for the leather look in general! The flap at the front of this is actually detachable too but I’m not sure I’d ever actually remove it though it might look odd.

The first day of shopping in Andorra I went straight away hunting for a Zara and delighted to have found the jacket because I knew by the time I got back to Ireland it would be gone. Even more to my surprise it was only €119 as opposed to €159 it is over here! Yes ladies, Christmas came early!

I’ll post a photo with it on as soon as possible!