Mi Mi Mi Moneda!

mi moneda chain and pendant

There’s rarely an occasion where I don’t wear some kind of Mi Moneda combination around my neck! Whether it’s for casual wear or formal wear – it’s so multi functional! I first received my Mi Moneda for my Birthday last year, it comes in 3 parts – the chain, the coin holder, and then the coin!

Once you splash out on your choice of chain and coin holder, it’s relatively inexpensive for the coins themselves so changing up how it looks won’t cost you a fortune which makes it a great investment! There’s a huge choice of coins depending on your budget – Moneda, Diamond Disc, Tresoro, Joya, Azar, the list goes on – and they begin at just €18!

At the moment I have 2 coin holders (Large & Small Deluxe) for the one chain, and a few different coins as shown below, my chain and coin holders are Rose Gold but my coins are either Rose Gold or Silver, it’s good to mix and match! Majority of the coins have a front and back design, eg the Pistol has an Aim High quote on the back so you can wear it whichever way. You will find them in lots of jewellers – Fields, Campbell Jewellers, and LilyWho if you prefer to shop online!

mi moneda chain and pendant

mi moneda coins

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