9 Reasons Why Not to Get a Dog. Meet Rocco.

reasons why not to get a dog

If you’re thinking of bringing a dog into your life, please make a responsible decision. There are lots of things to consider that perhaps you didn’t realise, and once you set eyes on that cute little puppy you might forget reality for a second. Meet Rocco. He’s 75% Pug and 25% Jack Russel (Jug) and although I love him unconditionally and could never be without him in my life, here are 9 reasons why not to get a dog. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying not to get a dog, I’m just giving you a reality check!

You like having nice things

I remember a time when I could leave things on the floor. What a luxury that was! He has eaten shoes, runners, furniture, glasses, curling tongs, carpet, clothing, candles, false lashes, even my braces! The list is endless. Basically if it touches the ground or is within reach then it’s his, so say goodbye! But also say goodbye to the money it costs to replace said things. River Island shoes don’t always come cheap! If I put on a pair of pjs nowadays that don’t have holes in the legs of them then I’m really winning at life. So hopefully you’re not too precious about your things. Most recently he has gotten a taste for IKEA furniture. Great craic altogether.

why not to get a dog

You like being spontaneous

You can’t just go for those after work drinks and stay out for the night. Can’t stay over in a friends house at a moments notice and you can’t just book a holiday last minute. Unless of course you have the luxury of someone on stand by that can take him overnight at a moments notice. For us we have to drive to family in Cavan or Wicklow to take him for a few nights so it isn’t very convenient. And believe me when I tell you he is an absolute nightmare when it comes to travelling. Hates his travel case and barks and whinges the entire journey.

We have a cruise in September which means we will be 2 weeks out of the country, I definitely didn’t think I’d be looking for babysitters for quite a few years yet I tell you. We recently discovered an Air BnB for dogs called House My Dog so we might consider this. Not sure how I feel about strangers minding him but it seems like it’s getting some great reviews.


Poo Bags aren’t your go-to accessory of choice

You cannot leave the house without one of these. Every jacket of every pocket and every bag has an emergency one of these, just incase! Other than the fact it is gross to leave your dog’s poo on the ground especially where people can walk in it, you can also get fined. Also the sheer glamour of bending down on a crowded pavement picking up poo is one of the highlights to my day. FYI – Rocco prefers to poo in public, beside queues for the bus stop, outside restaurants in full view, beside traffic lights, the busiest of areas really, he’s sound like that. Can’t be doing his poo in the park where other dogs can see sure.

reasons why not to get a dog

You’re not partial to a scratch or five

My arms and legs are destroyed. Any time I have either of them bare you can see the scratches in full view. There is no hiding them. Currently sporting one that goes from my bicep down to my forearm. So other than affecting my appearance and my fashion choices, it also very much hurts! There’s also the fear that he accidentally hurts someone else with his scratches. He gets very excited when he sees people so there’s always a chance that he will.


You don’t get offended easily

There are of course many places that won’t let you in with your puppy. And to be fair it makes sense, but it would be great if there were more dog friendly places in Ireland. Even popping into the shop on the way back from the park to grab something or even a coffee. Pack the Pooch has a handy database though if you want to check it out. There’s also people that will offend you – such as the ones with no pets and have children. When they talk about their baby waking up a few times a night they look at me in disgust when I mention Rocco making me get up 3 times a night because he needs to pee, or wants to play! I know I know it’s of course not the same thing but some things are not too dissimilar. He’s my baby after all.

reasons why not to get a dog

You prefer to spend money on yourself

Naturally, pets cost. If you can’t afford to feed yourself then you can’t afford to feed someone else. Dog food costs would be different breed dependant. Smaller ones a lot less of course. And I’m sure there is cheap food out there but for me, only the best for Rocco! Between treats and food he probably costs on average €40 a month I would say, which is fine! But then there’s the vaccinations which is 2 vet trips, neutering which delightfully cost €140. Dog licence, Microchipping, Pet Insurance, Dog Grooming too. And then there is the obvious things such as his dog bed, his travel case, dog collar, dog lead, extra dog lead for when he chews that one, poo bags, food holder, his 475 toys, and the cost for making sure the garden is up to scratch. We needed puppy pads for training too but he learned pretty quick!

Depending on your lifestyle you might also need to get a dog walker or pay for a dog daycare which is €15 a day. And get used to fighting the urge to spend all your money on stuff you really don’t need but of course just have to get. Yes he really does need a wardrobe bigger than mine, a Christmas jumper, and an endless supply of toys that he will just shred anyways!

reasons why not to get a dog

Fur coats aren’t your thing

Lint rollers are a lifesaver though. But yes. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a non shedding dog then you will have to learn to live with this. It’s funny because I used to freak if I ever got a dog hair on me or saw someone with dog hairs on their clothes. But now, because he’s my own, I would find it unusual not to be absolutely destroyed in them when I’m around the house or bringing him to the park. And if your lint roller goes astray it’s perfectly acceptable to attend work meetings in a stylish fur coat anyways. Also a dog hair in your food just adds extra flavour right?

reasons why not to get a dog

You like having me time

Surely you don’t like going to the toilet on your own anyway? Showers alone are also a thing of the past. Being in any room alone is a thing of the past really. Who knew a small 8kg dog could own a whole side of a double bed while you and your boyfriend share one half? It really is a dogs life. And Rocco has it all. My favourite is when I’m having dinner and there’s a constant whinge by my side and his paws on the table while he peers his little head up begging for food. It’s as if he has never been fed!

reasons why not to get a dog

Remember when I used to love Tanning Thursdays? Well, not so much anymore. As I lash on a layer he licks off a layer. It’s a lovely little game we play. Same with blowdrying or curling my hair – he pulls on the lead because he knows it’s when I want to play tug of war the most.

You’re sensitive to smells

So. There will be many many farts. And they are vile. They dissipate quite quickly though. Poo isn’t very pleasant smelling either. I’ll say no more on this subject.

reasons why not to get a dog

Why not to get a Dog

So there you have it! My 9 reasons why not to get a dog. Luckily for me though, I don’t like having nice things, I love a good scratch, poo bags are a great look for me and fur coats really are my thing. Yes. Really..

Some of the above of course won’t apply to you – your dog might be sounder the mine. Your dog might be better trained. Your dog might realise he’s a dog and not a human child like mine does. Or he could be worse, and there could be many more things to add to that list. I wouldn’t change Rocco for the world (ahem) and naturally I regret having him sometimes on the daily. But I would do anything for the little brat and I’m in it for the long haul. And you should be prepared to do that too if you’re considering bringing a tiny human dog into this world. It’s not all cute and fluff and cuddles I’m afraid.

Any other questions just mail or snap me!

AJ x