Rachel Wallace – Amazing Beauty Shots!

I’m in love with these Beauty shots of Rachel Wallace! The photoshoot was actually for a press shoot which you can read about here but we got these amazing pics from it that day so I was delighted!

Photography was by Kieran O’Donoghue, Fashion & Hair Styling by Flutterby Fashion Styling, and Hair Extensions by Hotlox!

Shauna Spain did the perfect up do in Rachels hair for these shots, Rachel is so beautiful so having her hair swept from her face really showed off her facial features! And its also great to see Hair Extensions tied up and clipped back rather than down and in curls so it shows that they really can look good and provide volume to the hair in up dos too.

I got some great feedback from Kieran about the makeup so I’m happy he was pleased because he is the one that has to edit at the end of the day so I’m glad I was able to make his job that bit easier 🙂 Rachel was delighted with her makeup and Shauna also passed on her compliments throughout the shoot which of course makes me happy! It’s rare that a press photoshoot would ever have beauty shots and focus on the makeup so I’m delighted Kieran took it upon himself to see the opportunity for some great shots and had these emailed to us that evening!

I used MAC Studio Fix foundation, along with MAC Golden Bronzing Powder, Belightful MAC Iridescent Powder, topped off with some MAC Blot Powder on her face. We stayed away from any kind of Pink blusher for these shots, instead using the Iridescent Powder as a blush

For her eyes I used Urban Decay Naked Palette for Rachels eye makeup – Naked, Sidecar & Gun Metal. I filled in the brows with Bobbi Brown Mahogony eyeshadow. I also used L’Oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision for the winged effect and black MAC pencil eyeliner for the bottom waterline

For the lips I used a mixture of Nude and Pink MAC lipsticks topped with some lipgloss.

You’re probably wondering why Rachel’s skin is looking a bit oily..To find out, check out the Press Shots Here