InStyler Rotating Iron Ireland

instyler rotating iron

I am obsessed with having waves in my hair so when I heard about the InStyler rotating iron I just had to check it out! I have quite healthy long and thick hair and it’s mostly down to my choice in hair tools – I’ll happily invest in a good quality tool that will not cause any damage. The selling point with this product that caught my eye was the rotating iron and the fact that it straightens too and claims to polish your hair! I was never one to curl with my GHD so to have a multifuncional tool will come in handy, and I’ll be able to travel that little bit lighter! This can be purchased directly from InStyler Ireland for €120 so lets hope it is worth the investment! I’m excited to try it and I’ll post back a link to the review below.

instyler rotating iron ireland

I first heard about the Instyler through Rosanna Davison mentioning it on her Instagram account and read up on it straight away. Yes I’m an impulse buyer but I’ll happily invest in a product that has a good reputation and also when does Rosanna’s hair ever look bad? Like, never. I’m delighted to add this to my hair tool family so hopefully it’s easy to use and is as good as it’s made out to be! As mentioned already my hair is quite long and thick with quite a bit of weight so it will definitely test out this tool to its’ full potential! They have hair tutorials on their website for you to check out and it looks fairly straight forward – I guess we’ll see!!

InStyler Rotating Iron Ireland Review:

Check out here for my InStyler Review and how my hair turned out in the end – I for one am happy with the results, let me know what you think! 🙂