Seventeen Crazy! – Product Haul

eventeen bronzer highlighter tan primer concealer1

So…Boots in Blackrock happened. Why they decided to come to my village I don’t know but my wallet is not a happy bunny! I spotted the Seventeen highlighter on the shelf which brought my attention to the rest of the range – anything highlighter related is sure to stop me in my tracks! I had just picked up my trusty Benefit concealer so thought I’d pick up the Seventeen concealer too to compare as there is quite a difference in the cost between the two! Seventeen is definitely affordable so before I knew it I had accidentally on purpose picked up almost everything..oops.

As the Boots in Blackrock is new I think they have some kind of special offer which gets you an additional discount because I got all the below for less than €25! Many of the Seventeen products average quite cheaply at approx €6-7!

seventeen bronzer highlighter tan primer concealer

As you can see above, I picked up the following:

I’l review everything as soon as possible and post the links back here! I’m dying to see if the Phwoarr Paint heavy duty Concealer stands up to my Benefit Boiing one! The tan I don’t have huge hopes for but it might pleasantly surprise me, and the highlighters look beautiful! I normally use MAC Soft & Gentle so this will be quite a change from Powder to Liquid! It’s nice to see they have two different primer types though, and I’m not generally a fan of loose ‘rocks’ or ‘balls’ when it comes to Bronzer I prefer something in a compact.

Looking forward to seeing what gets repurchased though and what gets binned!

Have you tried out any of the Seventeen range yet? How did you find them and which is your fav?

AJ x