Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz Review – WEEK 1 Results

charlotte's 3 minute belly blitz review

Lots of you have been emailing and messaging me on Facebook asking how I’m getting on with Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz Review so I’m glad to hear you are interested! As mentioned in my Initial Thoughts and Day 1 Review post I will be doing this Workout DVD 4 times a week for 8 weeks to see if Charlotte’s results are possible for a normal lady with normal working hours with very little fitness levels to begin with! I got this DVD in Tesco for €14.99 so it’s definitely affordable. (£13)


charlotte's 3 minute belly blitz reviewI mentioned last week after attempting the Workout DVD for the first time, that I only managed to get to Round 3 of the 3 minute Workouts following the initial 6 minute Warm Up. The next time I tried it I started from Round 4 so that I could get at least 1 go of all the rounds before finally building up to doing all 12 together. I completed to Round 9 following the Warm Up this time. The third time I started at Round 10 and completed 9 rounds and the following day completed 9 rounds again! Week 2 I should have no problem doing all 12 Rounds together! I also purchased new trainers at a recent Lifestyle Sports event which will make the workouts that bit easier too. The right gear is important for any workout to be comfortable.

The Rounds are all quite different and some are harder than others as they challenge different body parts. I found any rounds incorporating a press up I struggled with because I hate them!! But you, might love them! So we will all appreciate different rounds for different reasons! They do all get your blood pumping and get your heart racing – which is the ideal outcome for any type of HIIT training! I was able to keep up with Charlotte for most of the rounds but as I mentioned last week there is another guy alongside Charlotte that offers an easier alternative to alot of the moves so you can eventually build up to Charlottes more difficult level! At times I definitely appreciated the easier version!

Make sure to wear a good sports bra because there is plenty of jumping around – one of the days I had packed a crop top rather than a sports bra and this was so uncomfortable and distracting! I’ve been quite sore this week too because I’m working out and moving certain body parts which would have previously gotten zero attention so I think this may have also been why I haven’t made it to round 12 yet! Make sure to have some rest days so as not to injure or damage yourself too! It’s also important to ensure you are eating healthily because otherwise the pain and effort is a waste! Oh and lots of water throughout the workout to keep you going and hydrated!


Below are the measurable results following Week 1 of Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz!

  • Measurements
    • ARMS – 2cm smaller (.78 inches)
    • LEGS – 0.5cm smaller (.19 inches)
    • BUST – 2cm smaller (.78 inches)
    • BELLY – 2cm smaller (.78 inches)
    • BUM – 5cm smaller (2 inches)
    • WAIST – 1cm smaller (.39 inches)
  • Weight
    • .8kg lighter (1.7pounds)

Charlotte claimed you could lose up to 5 pounds a week! I’ve lost almost 2 pounds. It’s important to note however that my diet has not changed since starting this because I already eat healthily. Anyone that suddenly starts eating healthy and working out will easily lose 5 pounds after Week 1 – even just by eating healthy alone in fact! I’m quite happy with these results especially as I didn’t even get to complete her workout fully in any of the 4 days, I only ever got to max 9 rounds. I look forward to seeing next weeks results already! Her Instagram photo’s are great motivation for sure!

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