Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz Review – DAY 1

charlotte's 3 minute belly blitz review

Day 1 of Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz Review! Following my How to Lose 1 Stone in 8 Weeks post I’ve decided to kick off the exercise bit this year with a Workout DVD! This is the first time I have ever tried a Workout DVD because I have gym membership and do mainly weight training, but I’ve not been there in almost 8 months! Eep. So I think this might be a nice introduction to my days throughout the remainder of Winter and then hit the gym and weights in Spring!

Abs are made in the Kitchen though ladies so I would suggest changing up your diet and eating clean for a number of weeks before committing to a Workout DVD or Gym routine! I don’t think suddenly doing both is sustainable, and it might drive you mad! Check out my Tips to Start a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle and by the time you’re settled and comfortable with this – I should have my 8 week review complete of Charlotte’s Workout DVD! I’ve lost 1 stone through healthy eating, but now it’s time for exercise!

Charlotte’s transformation is amazing, and her Instagram photos were motivation enough to get off my bum to buy this, It’s €14.99 in Tesco! (£13) But there’s a few reasons why I chose to do Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz Workout DVD:

Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz

  • I feel many ladies of a similar age who feel sluggish and overweight probably have a similar body type to Charlotte has in her Before image. Floating around the 11 stone mark, have excess weight mostly around the belly area brought on by crap eating and drinking over time. And need some work toning the arms & legs too!
  • Lots of us probably don’t have Gym Membership or else find the gym might be a bit intimidating to attend and instead feel more comfortable at home!
  • I feel this is probably something that anyone working a Monday to Friday job like me can fit into their lifestyle.
  • I want to see if this actually works and is worth your while investing the time and money!
  • To keep me motivated! If I’m documenting my progress for my followers then I have no choice but to keep it up! No pressure then.

First Thoughts

  • So it’s not a one off 3 Minute Workout a day that’s going to fix your problems if that’s what the title might have had you think! It’s 12 sets of 3 minute intense workouts, plus a 6 minute Warm Up and Cool Down. So you need around 45-50 minutes to complete. It’s developed under the idea of HIIT style training which is High Intensity Interval Training which has a good reputation for fat burning!
  • This DVD includes a Diet Plan which you can follow suggesting 1250 calories a day. You choose 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner and 1 snack a day from the choices provided. Plus 300mls of Semi Skimmed Milk or 2 small pots of fat free yogurt. I will not be following this because I don’t believe in Calorie Counting diets or any kind of deprivation. I follow a Paleo friendly, dairy and gluten free healthy eating lifestyle and I eat 5 times a day which you can review in my Lifestyle section. Charlotte’s is too restrictive for me so I will just continue as I am because I know it works for me!
  • You follow Charlotte and Richard Callender throughout the workouts, they are short, sharp, shock workouts but there’s another guy alongside them offering you an easier alternative to each of the moves in case you’re not able to keep up as you’re starting out which I think is a great idea!

My Challenge

  • Based on her total weight loss, her suggestion of doing this workout 4 times a week, and her claim of ‘lose up to 5 pounds a week’ I’ve calculated this as follows:
    • 8 weeks of Workouts
    • 4 times a Week
    • 2.5 stone of weight loss
  • I’ve measured my Arms, Legs, Chest, Bum and Belly and I will post my Before and After results after the 8 weeks are up! Because I don’t believe weight loss is measured mainly on the scales especially when you’re working out as well as eating healthy!
  • I’ll post a weekly update with my progress and any measurable results so you can see the effects!
  • I have Zero level of fitness right now, so I’m hoping this will bring me to a comfortable level to get back to the gym, and back to my weights, with confidence!

DAY 1 Review

  • The Warm up was great, not too challenging and had me pumped to dive in to the Workouts. With currently no level of fitness I was still well able for it!
  • I completed up to Workout 3 today and then I was out of breath, sweating and felt I could do no more! This is not the same as my weight training in the gym for sure, it’s proper high intensity workouts luckily only lasting 3 minutes at a time! The good thing about this Workout DVD though is that you progressively build up to being able to complete the 12 rounds of Workouts and I’m hoping to be able to do this by Week 2! Maybe sooner!!
  • I’ve discovered my fitness level is literally 0 right now. I’ve moved muscles that get little or no use every day though so I at least feel like I’ve done something and already looking forward to trying it again tomorrow!
  • 3 more of these over the next week and I’ll post my Week 1 review and results!

Wish me luck! I’ll report back soon!

AJ sign off