Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes

blank canvas cosmetics brushes

I was delighted to see the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes at the Irish Beauty Show! 95% of my brush collection are MAC so one of the things I really wanted to look out for at the Irish Beauty Show was a new brand of brushes to add! Any makeup artist can tell instantly by touching a brush if they are going to be in any way decent and after checking up on a few different brush brands at the show I found these the best & closest to MAC – without the huge price tag! Only €6.99 for the concealer and eye brushes and €13.99 for the red tapered brush! The ones I bought are by no means a complete brush collection I just bought random ones I wanted to double up on – or should I say quadruple up on!! So if you’re starting out as a makeup artist or investing in brushes for your personal collection don’t just go buying the ones I have here – there are other and more essential brushes you will need which I will post a blog about soon! Looking forward to trying these out, I’ll post a review on these soon and post back here with a link!

Have you any brush brands that you love to use that I should know about? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know! x

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