Beverly Hills Perfect White Black!

So Black is the new White when it comes to teeth whitening apparently! This certainly doesn’t look like your normal every day toothpaste but I just had to buy it! Which definitely takes my obsession for black to new levels though!! I’ve been using Beverly Hills Formula for as long as I can remember because it keeps my teeth white and it’s not too harsh or extremely minty! The Perfect White Black has activated charcoal which is a key ingredient towards stain removal without harming the enamel – making it safe for every day use which is definitely what you want in a whitening toothpaste!!

It was weird seeing my teeth black for a second when I applied it because that’s just so out of the norm, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results! Beverly Hills Formula has never let me down though! I picked up mine for less than €5 in Sam McAuleys but there’s a full list of stockists on the Beverly Hills Formula site!

Beverly Hills Perfect White Black toothpaste

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