Summer Preparations – Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle!

Summer Preparations Fashion Beauty Lifestyle

Summer. Change of weather, change of wardobe, change of mindframe! It’s time for some Summer Preparations in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle! Lets organise..

In order to completely rid yourself of the Winter (and cold Spring) Blues we need to make some changes to our living space and every day routine, so that when we finally get that day or two of Summer that we’re full on ready for it! Even though our Summers are generally short lived it’s still good for the mental health to adapt to our change in Season however rare the actual sun is. The days are brighter and feel that bit longer, and the Beergarden awaits with open arms!

Here’s a few little changes I’ve made to my living space, lifestyle, fridge and wardrobe to please the mental health – what will your changes be?


winter to summer perfumeI love Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, my all time fav! It’s quite strong, heavy & spicy and really reminds me of Autumn / Winter! To me it’s definitely a Winter Scent. Chanel Chance is very much a Summer Fragrance – it’s fresh, floral & clean, & did I mention fresh? What’s your Summer smell?

Let there be Flowers

pink gerbera flowers summerI love the sight and smell of fresh flowers throughout the house, and by Spring I’m still pretty much taking down the Christmas decorations..oops. So with the days getting brighter & the sun shining through – my Gerbera flowers will definitely flourish! Obviously, I love them in Pink! Lilies are a close second fav of mine!

Cold Fresh Meals

winter meals to summer mealsGone is the need for my hot gluten free porridge breakfast to heat me up and my hot homemade soup for lunch! Fresh fruit for breakfast and chilled salads for lunch instead – yes please. The absolute easiest season for healthy eating without a doubt! And with that alot more energy! For the gym if that’s your thing..

Festivals & Flower Crowns

winter wooly hat to summer flower crownBye bye hat hair! In saying that my beanie has been my saviour over the Winter and with cold Spring chills, but I’m very excited for flower crowns and festivals – so pretty!! You can get these pretty much everywhere but be sure they’re not the tacky kind, & if worn, worn well! Are you festival ready?

Yankee Candle Love

Winter Yankee Candle to Summer Yankee CandleNothing is as cosy as chilling in front of the fire with a candle burning & the sound of awful weather outside! Lets face it though we’re still going to have those nights, but it doesn’t need to smell like Christmas and Winter so change it up, and for day time burning for a fresh smell throughout the house too!

Tan Time!

tan to spf for summerI would like to say it’s time to throw away the false tan for some SPF but realistically we won’t be getting that much sun over our summer – but if we do, be sure to invest in a good quality brand with appropriate SPF, or a tan that has both! It’s important to protect your skin and the lobster look was never in. Stay safe in the sun ladies!

Return of the Pumps

winter boots to summer pumpsIt will be great to root out my endless supply of pretty pumps and sandals and no longer rely on my black knee or ankle boots – no matter how comfy they are! And of course invest in some new ones that are sure to fill all the shops, River Island being my go to place! They’re just so cute and feminine!

Fresh Air!

summer changes from car to pendleton somerbyI just cannot wait to invest in a bicycle this summer! Both for exercise and so I can stop relying on Bella – my black Corsa! Hopefully the Summer will bring good weather and with that some nice long walks or cycles, and some fresh air! Summer is a great excuse to get fit too and maybe I’ll even cycle to the gym!!

These are just some of the things I’m changing up for Summer, they’re all quite obvious but it’s nice to remind ourselves what’s around the corner! There’s of course Clothes in general, Nail Polish, Hair Products – lots of little things too! What are you looking forward to changing? And there’s of course Summer holidays abroad to enjoy if you’re getting away! x

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