Paperself Eyelashes – Currently seen sweeping design, fashion, and even bridal websites!

So I know what you’re thinking..these look weird!! This is true..they do, but they are very funky! I will definitely be using them for a shoot soon..

Inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting these paper lashes, yes I said paper, are doing the rounds and featuring everywhere including Vogue, CocoPerez and of course the newly released film The Hunger Games.

Katniss Everdeen and Effie Trinket can be seen wearing the Peacock and Deer & Butterfly Paperself lashes in the movie adding that bit of quirkiness to their look. You can read my recent blog on The Hunger Games Here

These very pretty eyelashes are available in 11 styles each enfused with symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese Culture, beautifully designed by Ting yu Wang

Horses: symbolic of success

Peony: for happiness and good fortune

Peach blossom: a symbol of love and romance

Peacock: auspicious and lucky days

Butterfly: free, beautiful and sensitive

Clown: bring the whole happiness

You don’t need to wear full lashes they also come in a range of smaller lashes for a more subtle look in the corner of your eyes.

You can buy them direct from the Paperself website and cost between £10 & £13 and will deliver to Ireland for £7.20

I have yet to see them in Ireland but they are stocked by the likes of Urban Outfitters and I have found a few of the styles on for €15.82

The horses almost look alive in the below photo! Theres an insane amount of photoshoot ideas that can come from these lashes! ☺