My Lip Filler Treatment with Avoca Clinic – Review!

avoca clinic lip fillers before and after2

The Kylie Jenner lips craze probably has you reaching for Lip Voltage or Full Lips for a temporary fix, but if you’re really that keen then why not just get the real thing? Personally I am SO self conscious when it comes to my thin lips, my top lip especially. On a weekly basis I could have up to 5+ events and whether it is a Launch, a Premiere or even a Meet Up it almost always includes getting photographs taken. And photographers love a good smile regardless of how much I try and avoid it for fear I’ll lose sight of my top lip.

I made no secret of this treatment and I brought my Snapchat followers along to my appointment with me. I was inundated with questions throughout the day and was more than happy to answer them all! I was surprised at the amount of girls who seemed genuinely interested in getting the treatment done themselves so I guess I’m not the only one that isn’t entirely happy with my own! I’m delighted with the outcome and below are the Before and After photos, and also – some of the most popular questions I received, answered!

avoca lip fillers before and after

Why get Lip Fillers

As mentioned already, being a blogger requires lots of photos being taken and when you put yourself out there so publicly all the time you’re exposing yourself to criticism from everyone, but more so criticism from yourself! I doubt I’m the only blogger that feels the need to take 750330 photos of the same selfie before being happy with only one of them and uploading it! I’m lucky that I happen to be my own worst critic because all my followers are so sweet and lovely to me! But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do – I needed to do what would make me happy and more confident in myself, and after much research this was the treatment I felt that suited me best! As you can see below – I almost always covered up my mouth when taking photos!

avoca lip fillers before and after

Where to get Lip Fillers done

The Avoca Clinic. This place had the best reputation, the most informative content on their site with exactly the treatment I was looking for, skilled and reputable staff, affordable, reasonably close to where I live, and also recommended by a couple of friends who has had the same treatment done too! It’s a lovely and comfortable place, and doesn’t have that cold clinic feel to it. Staff are all very friendly too which is important!

Lip Filler Avoca Clinic Review

How much does it Cost

This depends on how many mls you need but generally you would only need to take 1ml. I received 1ml between both top and bottom lips of the lip filler Restylane. This costs €395 but for a limited time my followers can get it at a discounted cost of €325. Consultation is also free

How does it Work

During your consultation Dr Mark will let you know if you are suitable for the treatment or not. He’s very honest which is exactly what you want! He’ll also let you know what to expect too. So if it’s Kylie Jenner’s actual lips then you’re probably not going to get them. You will get a bigger version of your own lips, which is something completely different! This ensures that your lips will still look like they are your own, maintaining their own natural shape which are already designed to suit your face. This made it a lot less scary because I had visions of coming out looking like Jackie Stallone in my head! Once both yourself and Dr Mark decide the treatment is for you then you’re about a half hour away from new lips! It’s recommended to increase both lips and not just one because your bottom lip should generally be bigger than the top so I got 1ml between the two.

Numbing cream is applied to both your upper and lower lip and this takes about 10mins or so before you’re set to go! Dr Mark will then inject both your lips with Restylane in about 5 places. Either side of your top lip, and both either side and the middle of your bottom lip. This only takes a few minutes to complete. Restylane is a transparent hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance and according to all the google’ing I did Restylane is very popular and safe!

Here’s the Before on the day, and the immediate after. I was able to go straight back to the office because they’re not ridiculously swollen looking and only a slight bit of purple discolouration

avoca clinic lip fillers before and after2

Does it Hurt

It pinches! I wouldn’t consider it pain because your lips are numb, but I could kind of feel the Restylane filling my lips and it was weird, but not sore! I didn’t see or feel any blood but that’s because I reckon Mark cleaned up as he was going, and if it did bleed it was very little! It would have just been on the entry points of the needle into the lips. Personally I bruise easily so I had a couple of bruises underneath my bottom lip but they didn’t hurt to touch like normal bruises so I’m a little confused about that! Definitely looked like a bruise though. And there was some purple discolouration throughout my lips over the days following. Nothing a little concealer and lipstick can’t sort though!


If you are prone to Coldsores like I am, it is advised you either apply Zovirax generously to your lips over the next 4 – 5 days, or take the tablet form! I generally only get Coldsores from stress but I didn’t want to take any chances. Having cream on my lips for the next few days wasn’t feasible for me though so I took the tablet form and I was fine! You don’t need to do this if you don’t get Coldsores.

Your lips feel a little swollen and numb over the following few days so just look after them! You can’t manoeuvre them as much as you would your natural lips while they are healing but there’s no pain or discomfort. You can apply your lipstick etc if you want but personally I didn’t put anything on them except a gentle lip scrub because my lips got a little dry – probably because they’re not used to being big and exposed to the Irish weather!

Your lips will reduce by about 20% over the next few days once the swelling dies down. And there you go, new lips! It was that easy.

I was able to show them off on Snapchat and test out new lipsticks I received! I never could do that!

wet n wild mega last lip colour new shades swatches

How long does it Last

The first treatment lasts 6 months


So happy with the results, my lips still look very natural and won’t be immediately noticeable to people I see on a daily basis even. My confidence has increased hugely I’m raging I didn’t get it done sooner! I’m getting nothing but compliments on Social Media about them and I’m delighted people are also appreciating my honesty about the treatment too and that I’m able to help others make an informed decision for themselves too!

I’m now able to wear bold coloured lipsticks when out and about and pose for photos without hesitation! Anyone I meet at events that knew I was getting the treatment immediately compliment how amazing they look in comparison to how they were. So so happy!

avoca clinic lip fillers before and after2

Let me know what you think and if you have any other questions I haven’t covered here feel free to email me or post the questions below!

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Note: This treatment was gifted to me by the company.