Mauve Love – My Kylie Jenner lip looks!

kylie jenner lips matte mauve

I’m so late to the party on having the desire to replicate Kylie Jenner’s lips using the same lipstick shades or their dupes! While MAC Spice & Soar LipLiners are popular culprits along with MAC Whirl & Velvet Teddy – these aren’t the ones I’m going to mention today!

I guess the main reason I didn’t really bother with even trying out any mauve shades to mimic the look is because my lips were so tiny I only ever wore Nude shades. But since getting my lip fillers I now rock a permanent matte Mauve lip! And below are my most used products at the moment.

FYI – personally I mainly only ever wear a lipliner all over my lips, or else matte lipsticks. And always in a mauve shade! It’s my everyday lip look.


kylie jenner lips matte mauve

  • MAC Mehr – €20 This is just a beauty! The most expensive of the bunch
  • NYX Whipped Caviar – €9.25 Love the matte range from NYX
  • Wet n Wild Spiked with Rum – €2.99 Super affordable, dislike the packaging though
  • Inglot 425 – €15 The smell of Inglot’s lipsticks are amazing!

Lip Pencils

kylie jenner lips matte mauve

  • Inglot 74 – €10 This glides on so easily and doesn’t dry when filled on the lips
  • Catrice That’s What Rose Wood Do! – €2.29 Catrice is always so affordable. a little drying though
  • Rimmel East End Snob – €5.49 This is more of a cream liner than a pencil so depletes quicker!
  • Essence Satin Mauve – €1.49  Super creamy for a lip pencil, my ultimate ultimate fav. Although it’s slightly changed since it got new packaging which I’m not best pleased about.

Are there any more Mauve shades I need to try out? Either a matte lipstick or a lip liner? Let me know!

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