Embrowdery by Up To My Eyes Review

embrowdery review

My highly requested Embrowdery review! As I mentioned in my recent post about attending the Irish Beauty Show, I had a few items on my agenda to look out for and one of them was Semi Permanent Eyebrows! I originally got Semi Permanent Brows many years ago in 2009 (also at the Irish Beauty Show) It was a completely random decision at the time and they completely changed my life – I know what a dramatic statement right? But it was the first time I realised how brows can really transform your face and enhance your features. I have been obsessed ever since, and now so is the rest of the world!

Semi Permanent Brows do fade after years and for the last 2 years I’ve really struggled with keeping my brows on point. They have been taking way too much time and effort to maintain because they are so blonde and grow so fast, and a bad brow day is just the worst. You could have the best makeup face ever but bad brows just ruin it!

I’ve had HD Brows over the years, and the lovely Lorna Farrelly of The Brow Artist also transformed my brows but these solutions are only temporary, I’ve been pining for something more long term again for a while!

After checking out all the stands at the Beauty Show I decided to go with Embrowdery by Up To My Eyes. Embrowdery isn’t your normal Semi Permanent makeup, they provide a much more natural look brow with no harsh block lines, and the treatment is much less invasive as it only applies the pigment underneath one epidermis layer. I had also heard of Up To My Eyes previously and they have a really good reputation, whereas others at the Beauty Show I hadn’t heard of and preferred to go with someone more local.

Cost and How it Works

The hair like strokes are applied to the brow only piercing the first layer of the epidermis with the pigment, with a hand tool that has multiple needles at the end, . So no tattoo machine or anything loud and scary like that! To complete the process and ensure long lasting Semi Permanent Brows you need to complete 3 sessions of Embrowdery with Up to My Eyes, as follows:

  • Session 1: This is where your brows are designed and shaped to compliment your face, pigment is chosen and the first treatment of Embrowdery is applied creating fine hair like strokes. The pigment does fade by up to 70% over the following 4 weeks until your next treatment
    • Cost: €260
  • Session 2: This is where you can alter the shape and pigment colour if you wish, and then undergo your second treatment of Embrowdery. The 4 weeks since the last appointment will give you time to decide if you want to continue with Embrowdery or not, or make changes before the 1 – 1.5 year commitment.
    • Cost: €120
  • Session 3: This is your final treatment of Embrowdery to ensure you have Semi Permanent Brows for the foreseeable future
    • Cost: €60
  • Aftercare: They advise topping up every year or so thereafter to keep your Semi Permanent Brows in tact
    • Cost: €60

So the total will cost you €440 initially to last you the first year and a half-ish, but the payment is split over 3 months as the breakdown above outlines. And then €60 yearly thereafter to top it up which is very little really! You can read more about them on their website here!

embrowdery review

Does It Hurt?

To me, not at all! It felt like my eyebrows were being plucked. Obviously if eyebrow plucking is something you find discomfort in then you won’t find it fun but I find it oddly therapeutic! They apply an anaesthetic to your brows after a while so then you can’t even feel a thing! It takes about an hour and a half to complete and there’s certainly no blood! The area around by brows and forehead were a bit red and blotchy looking afterwards – but this can easily be covered up with makeup straight after. When I got Semi Permanent Brows years ago it felt almost as painful as a tattoo, and there was blood!! So I’m delighted this treatment is much less invasive.

embrowdery review

Ensure not to get any makeup on the brow over the next 2 weeks because this may affect the pigment and the shape of the brow whilst it’s healing. This can make applying your makeup a little more time consuming whilst you’re being extra careful around that area! You get a tub of ‘Tattoo Goo’ to apply on your brows every 2 hours or so to ensure they heal nicely, I thought this would be hard to do when you’re out and about or in work, but i just carried around cotton buds in my bag and nipped to the bathroom and smothered them in a light layer – it’s a green coloured vaseline type product but don’t worry it doesn’t make you resemble the hulk, you just have kind of shiny brows!

I’ve taken the below in quite harsh lighting so you can see the thin hair strokes which provide the natural look, as you can see my blonde hairs are coming through and also have the tattoo goo applied here, this was a few days after my treatment!

embrowdery review

Result to Date

It’s been 2.5 weeks now since my first session and my brows have faded quite a bit which is to be expected, It’s making me want to cry because I like my brows quite dark – to everyone else though they look normal and definitely quite natural! But I’m still counting my days down to my next session! In saying that I haven’t been filling them in with anything at all and getting away with it which is really saying something, literally not had to fill them in or touch them, they’ve held their shape really well! I probably will start filling them in next week to define them a bit more until my next session, or maybe tint my eyebrows because it’s the Blonde in my brows that are making them look light I think!

See below, I have ZERO product on them, and this is them after 2 weeks of fading!

embrowdery review


I’ll update this post after each session and let you know how I get on so stay tuned, but so far I am super impressed and very happy about my investment and glad I went with Embrowdery over the alternative method of Semi Permanent Brows!

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