Benefit BOI ING Concealer – Industrial Strength!

benefit boi ing concealer

Admit it, we all need a little industrial strength every now and again..and the Benefit BOI ING Concealer is one of my long standing favourite holy grail products! I need love heavy coverage under my eyes and this makes them flawless! However it really is industrial strength and cream based so i’d only use it if you’re looking to cover up something, if you’re looking to lighten and brighten I’d go with more of a liquid based concealer! I’ll post a review on this soon and show you what I use it for! It’s priced at €24 which is more expensive than your every day concealer but the reason I posted about it here was because of it’s value for money too, my last one lasted me 6 MONTHS. And I use it every single day.

My shade in the Benefit BOI ING Concealer for every day use is 02!

boiing benefit concealer