3D Lipo Results – My Journey so far

3d lipo results before after

Being a 31 year old with a metabolism that is no longer as quick as it used to be, and being someone who despises the gym and works long hours, I decided to give 3D Lipo a try! In this post I will tell you a bit about what 3D Lipo is, the specific treatments I had done, and I’ll show you my 3D Lipo Ireland results before and after, to date. And what’s next!

Why 3D Lipo

6 weeks to my Caribbean cruise and I started to panic. I was unmotivated with too many social events happening, and too many long hours in work for me to even think about adding exercise to my day. Plus, I wasn’t confident that 6 weeks in the gym, something I hated doing and find difficult to commit to, would see my desired results in time. I guess this may seem like an easy way out to some, but for me it was the perfect and easiest solution that fit my lifestyle. It’s a non surgical, non invasive treatment that targets fat removal, cellulite reduction and skin tightening.

When I told friends and snapchat followers I was getting it done the reaction was, why. And when people heard the word Lipo they instantly thought of scalpels and largely overweight people. There is NO surgery involved, and with 3D Lipo it is not just for larger people. It helps with those stubborn fat pockets and ‘muffin tops’ that even gym goers would find hard to shift. To look at me, I don’t look ‘fat’ but I promise you I do have fat that I most certainly wanted to get rid of, especially for my holiday! My only worry was, I only had 6 weeks until I was in the Caribbean – would I see results??

Where to get 3D Lipo

I travelled to Clane in Kildare to the flagship clinic to get my treatments done with Sabrina Ni Concubhair – the managing director of 3D Aesthetics Ireland. So it is safe to say I was in very capable hands! The drive and passion in this lady is something that should be bottled and sold. She owns the 3D Lipo Ireland flagship clinic in Clane and is the lady behind introducing 3D Lipo to Ireland. So if you want 3D Lipo in your local salon then send them Sabrina’s way because she is the official distributor. Since starting my treatments she has launched 3D Lipo in many places around Ireland, the most recent being the fab Rainforest Spa – in no time you will see 3D Lipo everywhere!

3d lipo ireland
The 3D Lipo machine that answered all my prayers!

3D Lipo Treatments

There are SO many treatments you can get done with this machine, for both face and body. You can see a full list of what this advanced machine has to offer here but in this post I will chat about what I got done personally. First up is a consultation! 3D Lipo is not for everyone and Sabrina has unfortunately had to turn people away that were not suitable. During your consultation you chat about what you feel like you have issues with, and Sabrina will create a treatment plan that will get your desired results.

Sabrina is not shy so has no problem in pointing out other areas that may need to be worked on to achieve that look that you want. For example for me it was mainly my tummy and hips, but to achieve the look I wanted Sabrina also had to work on that stubborn under bra area and it really made a difference. She will also discuss your diet plan- but you know me healthy eating is my thing so this part was fine for me. If for you it isn’t, then this is something you will really need to work on because this goes hand in hand with 3D Lipo!

Over the course of the 6 weeks I had 3D Cryo-freeze, 3D Cavitation and 3D Shockwave. I was under time pressure to achieve my results so I was going to Sabrina twice a week depending on both our schedules. She went above and beyond to fit me in because her clinic is so unbelievably busy!! But you don’t need to attend as often as I did, take your time if you want, whatever suits your lifestyle. During your consultation Sabrina will recommend the treatments that will need, how many, and the costs to achieve

3d lipo ireland results
Snapchatting while getting my 3D Cryo freeze treatment!

3D Cryo-freeze This treatment is for focused fat removal and is recommended that you get it done only once per area. So how it works is it sucks up the fat like a vacuum into a hand-piece and freezes it, killing 20% – 40% of the fat cells in the area. Now, don’t be scared by the word freezing, there is no pain, and there is an anti freeze pad put onto your skin to protect the area. The temperature is brought down to -6 degrees pinpointing the fat cells to crystalize them. They’re then disposed of through your lymphatic system and you can see the results between 8 – 12 weeks. The worst part of this treatment is the little chill when the hand-piece touches your skin, like cold hands touching you. I got it done on my tummy in two places, and then my love handles and the fat under my bra line on the sides. I actually had 4 hooked up at the one time it looked so weird!! But no pain, the areas just feel a little numb throughout and then cold afterwards for a few minutes.

3D Cavitation This treatment is too relaxing! It is for overall fat reduction and feels just like getting an Ultrasound. The gel is applied – which at first feels a little cold on your skin (and there ends the most painful part of the process) and then you get the device rubbed on you in circular motions like a massage! In the most basic way that I can describe it – like putting butter into a microwave and it melts. So your fat liquifies basically and is disposed of through your lymphatic system – there are instant results with this one but around 8 treatments are recommended. There is a funny noise in your ears during this treatment – it isn’t a painful noise it’s just weird!

3D RF – Face and Body This magical piece is for skin tightening. So after I get the Cavitation I get this done, again no pain, just a massage like feeling while it heats up to about 40 degrees! Bliss.

3D Shockwave This one sounded like a jackhammer on my tummy, but the feeling I oddly really liked! It’s like a probe that is placed against the area and I think this can possibly bruise you but this never happened to me. This one is good for both fat removal and cellulite, it stimulates the fat breakdown, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage. I actually got the Cavitation, Skin Tightening, and Shockwave combined in the one treatment to get the best and quickest results!

3D Lipo treatments are non invasive, take less than an hour, immediate recovery, no anaesthetic, and give long lasting results. I have only had the above treatments but there is so much more this machine has to offer.

3d lipo cryo freeze
Close up of the Cryo Freeze – I got four done on my back/sides at the one time!


Once you get a consultation you will get an insight into what treatments are recommended, and then the cost to fulfil it. Everyones treatment plan is different so you will get a better idea once you pop into the clinic for your consultation. To give you an idea, treatments start at around €79. I went to 3D Lipo Ireland in Kildare the flagship clinic, but you can find a full list of stockists of 3D Lipo here.

3D Lipo Ireland Results

As mentioned above I only had 6 weeks of treatments before my holiday, and remember, with most of the treatments it takes 8 weeks or so to see full results. But as you can see from the below pics the results have been unreal! The shape has changed it’s almost ‘lifted’ my stomach and sides, clothes fit much better and I can really notice the difference in how it feels. Definitely take before and after pictures so you can track your progress as it reduces little by little it can be hard to realise the impact weekly until you do a comparison!

As mentioned earlier, a clean diet is essential. Naturally it goes hand in hand. Otherwise you are undoing any of the work – I was very strict in what I was eating, I even avoided a lot of events in order to avoid alcohol and treats! I was so dedicated to attending every appointment which sometimes meant surviving on only a protein bar in the evenings because by the time I would get back to my place I was way too tired to cook. Not ideal obviously but given the small timeframe, Sabrina kept her clinic open late to facilitate me. She went above and beyond! We got on so well though so I thoroughly enjoyed my appointments, it was like having a chat with a friend whilst I basically got a massage! And the rest of the staff were so friendly and professional too.

I can’t thank Sabrina enough for filling me with confidence for my holiday, the before and after pictures are unflattering in the lighting and the results were much better in reality. I definitely would not have posted videos of me in a bikini on Instagram stories if I had not have gotten these treatments for sure!

3D Lipo before after
6 weeks in the difference!

What next?

So, what not to do when you get amazing results like the above? Go on a 2 week all you can eat and drink holiday in the Caribbean! So I knew I would gain back weight (and told Sabrina this was my intention – gorging on food and drink!) I eat healthy all year round with one cheat meal a week, I have a routine and it is easy to stick to this especially with a 9-5 job and a holiday goal. So I knew going from this to (endless) cocktails, American food every day, and nibbling on junk food whilst I lay by the pool or on a beach, that I would naturally gain weight. Sabrina said not to worry, to go enjoy myself, and we would work on damage control when I am back and even better results!

I am going to go back to Sabrina’s clinic and experience 3D Lipo even further. There are so many treatments I haven’t tried yet, and who doesn’t want a bum lift? Or a chin lift? One of the treatments I am really interested in trying out is the 3D Hifu – this one I think gives the best results. However, with beauty comes pain. Apparently this can hurt a bit, and can leave a temporary mark on the skin. This is why I didn’t get it done so close to holidays – but I will keep you posted!

Feeling confident at the SOSU Hot Fire launch after my 3D Lipo treatments!

I am so glad 3D Lipo Ireland was introduced into my life and I definitely would not have enjoyed my holiday as much as I did had I not got my treatments. Summer bodies are made in the winter so I am definitely getting back on it to achieve my body of dreams! Any questions I haven’t covered drop me a mail or snap!

AJ x