Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz Review – WEEK 3 Results

charlotte's 3 minute belly blitz review

I’ve completed Week 3 already!! If it wasn’t for Richard Callender’s motivational shouting during the workouts there would have been plenty of times I would have given up! I’m getting used to the workouts now that I almost don’t have to even look at the screen. The half minute intro explaining each Round is now becoming unnecessary for me and I sometimes wish there was an option to play the DVD through without it. But then I think wait I actually need the little break between the rounds to catch my breath! Plus, for HIIT style training to work you need to bring down the heart rate before starting the next interval to get the full potential. That’s my understanding of it anyways!


charlotte's 3 minute belly blitz reviewThis week I knew I’d have to work harder because I knew last week’s boldness would catch up on me! And, it did! But thankfully doing Charlotte’s Workout DVD helped salvage the progress already made the previous weeks! I’m starting to get the ‘OMG AJ you’ve lost so much weight’ comments, and comments in general about how I look, and in particular my face! I’ve not really noticed it except for my clothing, and I’ve not noticed my face getting skinnier either but I’m glad there are noticeable changes for sure! I’ve also dropped a dress size too – these are the results that matter to me, they definitely boost your confidence! I’m trying to hold off on purchasing anymore trousers and certain items of clothing for a few weeks too!

About the Workout DVD

So I decided that this week I would give you a little insight into the different Rounds that there is in this DVD – so you know what you’re getting yourself into! I’m not going to detail the actual exercises just give you an overall general jist! Throughout all of them though you’re constantly moving incorporating cardio but they only last 3 minutes each! They are all different and don’t repeat any moves.

  • Round 1 – Jumps and Punches
  • Round 2 – Lunges
  • Round 3 – Jumps, Punches and Knees
  • Round 4 – Press Ups and Floor Exercises
  • Round 5 – Cardio and Jumps
  • Round 6 – Press Ups and Crunches
  • Round 7 – Cardio Kick Boxing
  • Round 8 – Squats and Lunges
  • Round 9 – Jumps and Squats
  • Round 10 – Push Ups and Lunges
  • Round 11 – Cardio and Jumps
  • Round 12 – Leg Lifts and Glutes


Below are the measurable results following Week 3 of Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz! My previous week of over indulging caught up on me this week but still managed to lose weight!! Just not so much in the Measurements..

  • Measurements
    • ARMS – no change
    • LEGS – no change
    • BUST – no change
    • BELLY – .5 cm smaller (.19 inches)
    • BUM – .5 cm smaller (.19 inches)
    • WAIST – no change
  • Weight
    • 1.4kg lighter (3.08 pounds)

i’m really happy with my arms and belly because this is where I personally see an improvement week on week!

For those asking I bought this DVD in Tesco for €14.99! (£13)

AJ sign off