15 Things I Hate about Snapchat

how not to do snapchat

I love Snapchat! But there are some things about it, approximately 15, that I really love not so much! So here they are. Am I being whingy? Probably.

Battery (and Life) Consumption

how not to do snapchatHow. How does my iPhone go from 100% to 11% after catching up on a feed of stories. Slight exaggeration but really not that far off. And when I’m snapping throughout an event it’s even worse. Thank GOD for portable chargers! I also lose way too many hours of my life just catching up with my favs and replying!

Not enough Filters

how not to do snapchatWHY ARE THERE ONLY 3 FILTERS. Like really, a couple more wouldn’t hurt! In saying that, the Black and White filter has in fact saved me from frightening my followers from time to time. But sometimes real life needs a little filter or two and a bit of Instagram’s Nashville, Walden or Earlybird wouldn’t go astray!

4139 second Snapchat Stories

how not to do snapchatWhat. How does anyone have the time and effort to Snap all day every day! Personally, I’d rather 400 interesting / relevant seconds than 1000 of pure crap! I skip these snaps because I don’t wanna see 600 seconds of your dog running around the garden, that concert full of noise you’re at or your sausages sizzling in the pan. Of course a little amount is fine, but not all day everyday. I don’t want to miss the good stuff because I’m skipping through!

Everybody is on a Diet

how not to do snapchatComplaining that you’re fat, posting a picture of a pizza you’ve just ordered, starting again on Monday, devouring a packet of biscuits on Tuesday. Complaining that you’re fat. What. Can you not.

Stop dieting it’s no craic.

Or at least stop telling me about it!

Display Names

how to not do snapchatIf all the bloggers could change their Display Names and add the name of their blog in there too that would be great! Especially if you just have your first name displayed – I can’t figure out who is who half the time. And I don’t want to miss my favs! Some people actually use the display name ‘Me’ – yes that helps differentiate alright. Also, I wish I could change my actual username – lots of people are adding ‘AJmakeup’ and I’m AJFItzsimons on there! First World Problems.

Never meet add your Heroes

how to not do snapchatOk heroes is a sentiment too far, but you get my jist! I’ve been so disappointed by some people’s snapchat, especially those that represent a brand, blog or magazine etc. If it’s your personal one that’s fine, then disassociate it from your brand’s Social Media accounts. I don’t want to add a clothing company I follow on Instagram only to find snaps of their boyfriend and cat, with not a dress or shoe in sight!

Also, you can sometimes find out some people you had previously admired are actually not so great after all, and extremely rude in what they post to their story, what’s that about? Snapchat is possibly ruining that rep you spent so long building on Instagram and Twitter. Delete. I’ve seen lots of others complain about this too actually!

Oh and celebrities? Most of them are shite.

Life Story

how not to do snapchatI don’t need to know. Cheers.

Bits of life only please!

And in 10secs or less – not a full on 3mins to explain in detail every single aspect of every single occurrence. Summarise! You can speak quicker than you think. And it’s called Snapchat for a reason!


how not to do snapchatI hate not opening a story. I have crazy OCD when it comes to Snapchat because I know I have a time limit to view them all. And I get the serious fear of missing out! This applies to most social networks – I don’t want to miss any important or interesting stuff! I also like knowing what my favs are up to, & what they’re buying!

People not on Snapchat

how not to do snapchatAlthough it feels like everyone and their mother is on there, it’s not true. I want all the cool people and bloggers to join! Although then my battery will probably completely give up and I’ll lose even more hours of my life but I’m willing to risk it! So come join – you probably won’t regret it. Providing you don’t mind losing a bit of privacy!

Deleting Snaps

how not to do snapchatWhy commit to posting them to your story if you don’t want to leave them there for the full 24 hours! That’s just mean. Oh and stop posting drunk snaps only to delete them the next morning, because we’ve probably seen them already! It’s the internet like, it’s turned on all of the time. And screenshots are permanent too!

Getting Cut Off

how not to do snapchatIt’s only ever going to be at max 10 seconds long, so why let it cut you off mid sentence & proceed to post it anyways! You can easily re record the video again just talking slightly faster the next time! Rather than spending the first 5 seconds on the next snapchat explaining how you got cut off in the first one. Ain’t no one got time for that!


how not to do snapchatThe odd rant grand. I enjoy those! But the constant stories of negativity, disgruntlement, whinging, or being rude. Just no. And it’s the same people all the time, I just don’t view their stories anymore! I like it to be a relatively happy place with some personal insight. Not listening to first world problems all day every day.


how not to do snapchatThe pressure for some people to keep their Snapchat story buzzing throughout the day is crazy! I hate that some people have to apologise for not posting all day, it’s unfair! We all have our off days, we all have boring days with nothing to talk about, we all have the need for some time out with ourselves or loved ones, let it be!

Glitches & Limitations

how not to do snapchatTrying to read some peoples Snaps they’ve sent to you and they all ‘open’ at once even though you haven’t had a chance to click in and view! Annoying. And sometimes I can’t find who to reply to once I do get to open one & choose to reply later, because I can’t go in and re-read. I also find annoying how I can only ever see the last 100 users that view or screenshot my snaps. I’m nosy I want to know who is screenshot-ing what!


how not to do snapchatScreenshot away on product recommendations, outfit posts, bargain buys & tips etc – I love Snapchat for this! I like seeing the amount of screenshots those snaps I post are getting. However. When people screenshot videos mid chat when stupid faces are being made, that’s a no no! Many bloggers have been mentioning this point a lot recently and are blocking repeat offenders for doing it, so be warned!

People on Holidays

JUST KIDDING, I’m just jeal! I love these!

For none (or very little) of the above, you can find me on Snapchat at username ‘AJFitzsimons’ I’m possibly doing a lot of other things wrong though so feel free to snap me and let me know!

AJmakeup snapchat

Am I alone in any of these? Or is there anything else to add to this list?

What I love about Snapchat

  • Irish Bloggers
  • Product Recommendations
  • Honesty
  • Chatting with Followers
  • Bargain Buys & Tips
  • Personal Insight
  • On the Go updates
  • Meal Ideas
  • No Editing
  • Outfit Posts
  • Unboxings
  • Event Insights
  • View Count
  • No constant posting of Memes/Quotes like Instagram

If you’re interested in who I love to follow, let me know and I’ll happily do another post!

AJ sign off