My 2020 – Year in Review

2020, what a year. Where all plans and normal went out the window, and instead pandemic, fear, stress, worry and the unknown. I won’t go on about it here because we are all well aware of what made this year like no other, and where masks, social distancing, working from home and restrictive movements became the new normal.

I am very lucky to have finished out 2020 with my health and family and friend’s health in tact, and for that I am very grateful. We have all become stronger because of it in many ways and we are all glad to see the back of that year. With vaccinations on the way 2021 is looking good, so let’s keep on being safe, minding ourselves and each other, and hopefully we will be back hugging and spending time with loved ones very soon.

2020 for me should have been full of travel, I did manage to get a trip to Edinburgh before the pandemic hit, but I of course had to cancel Barcelona, Netherlands, Norwegian Cruise, Portugal, Budapest, and my 3+ weeks in Thailand! And those were just the booked holidays, there were a few others in plannings. Once travel restrictions came into play, we shifted our focus on exploring Ireland, which was fab, we got some lovely staycations in, until county lockdowns and 5km restrictions came into play.

I felt it was important to remember some of the highlights from this year hence this 2020 year in review blog post, this is just the positives and lovely memories made which happened in between the tears, stress and fears.