Dr PawPaw Original Balm

My lips have been throwing a serious tantrum since the winter weather started and it’s driving me mad! I spotted the Dr PawPaw Original Balm in my local pharmacy for €8.99 and when I read the packaging I thought wow. It’s is a multi use balm for your Lips, Hair, Nails, Skin & can be used as a Makeup Primer and Moisturiser too! So it’s an all round product which I’m hoping will make a permanent fixture in my handbag seeing as it does so much!

It’s made from fermented pawpaw so hopefully it provides relief. I’ve been using my trusted Vaseline which is good for every day use but it’s not having a long term effect in clearing up my lips! This balm comes in a tinted Peach Pink and Ultimate Red version too but right now vanity isn’t my priority and what colour my lips are, i just want them sorted!  

dr pawpaw original balm

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