Benefit Rockateur Blush

Who doesn’t love Rose Gold? From Jewellery to Blusher – will this current obsession of mine ever end? Probably not. On a daily basis I wear MAC Tenderling and as I so desperately try to savour the last bit of it it’s really on its last legs! I of course have many blushes in my makeup kit but mostly MAC and really wanted to try something new! I asked a fellow blogger ilovebarrystea when I was in Debenhams and she suggested Benefit Rockateur or Dandelion.

I tried both and I felt Dandelion was a little too subtle for me, and then I instantly fell in love with Rockateur! It’s not far off MAC’s Tenderling, the pigment is a little stronger and it has a Rose Gold like tone to it! I picked it up for €30.60 as Debenhams are having an up to 25% sale on and Benefit had 10% off! Usually it retails here at €34, so a slight saving!

Have you tried it? I posted it to my Instagram and almost 200 of you liked it so it must be a hit! Let me know your thoughts x

benefit rockateur blush rose gold

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